Why Do Gay People Like Apple CEO Tim Cook Believe They Are Special

October 30, 2014 San Francisco, The Dirty 12



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t think there is anything wrong with being gay.  If you like d*ck, you are still a human so I don’t think anyone should ever judge gays for being gay.  They are born that way.  But I do have a problem with a lot of gay people.  They believe they are so special, but yet want to be treated the same as everyone… Ummm do you ever see someone published an article saying someone is straight.  Its like they feel they are so different and special cause they are fudge packers… sorry but most people are disgusted when they think of 2 guys doing it… oh ya and if you use Apple products… you are most definitely gay.

I’m proud of Tim Cook and I hope more people with power come forward. Gays make the world a happier place.- nik

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Celebrity Gossip: Blogroll

October 30, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 0

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.42.11 AM

Click Here to see Kim Kardashian trying to cover up her 2nd pregnancy… this can’t be good for the baby!!

Click Here to see Miley Cyrus challenging Rihanna to be a boob duel!! SHM at these two!!

Click Here to see why Swaggy P is so in love with Iggy Azalea… those hips though!!

Click Here to see Rihanna accepting Miley’s challenge… these two really have no class!!

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Cody York Needs To Wake Up

October 30, 2014 Cincinnati, The Dirty 25



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, America needs to be ashamed of itself. Why is Sarah Jones not in jail? I’m friends with her on Facebook and it disgusts me. Cody was a child when she molested him and it’s clear by his wardrobe Sarah still controls Cody’s mind and thoughts. I knew Cody before all of this, when he was just a drug dealer at Dixie Heights and had a normal high school girlfriend. Sarah took love away from Cody and he is too dumb to realize it.

The cool part about the new Arizona lawsuit is that I want to show the world these text messages. They answer every question and show the real Sarah York. I can’t wait.- nik

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Another Female Teacher Pulls A Sarah Jones

October 30, 2014 Staten Island, The Dirty 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, Megan Mahoney, the former Moore Catholic gym teacher and assistant basketball coach accused of statutory rape after an alleged series of booty calls with a student, has been barred from having any contact with the teen. A temporary order of protection forbidding all contact with the now 17-year-old male student was issued at the arraignment of Ms. Mahoney, 24, of New Brighton, on Monday in Stapleton Criminal Court. Ms. Mahoney, who resigned from Moore Catholic in January, was arrested Monday. The former top Staten Island women’s basketball player was released without bail and is due back in Stapleton Criminal Court on Dec. 2 with her defense attorney Eric Nelson. Ms. Mahoney is accused in court documents of having sex with a then-16-year-old male student of Moore Catholic High School on at least 30 occasions between last Oct. 31 and Jan. 9. She met the boy after one of his basketball practices and offered to coach him. The teen admitted most of the time when they did the dirty was just a booty call by her and they were never boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Most of the time they banged in her car and she even picked him up at his house. The fun does not stop there just this student, she also accused of banging another student back in 2012. So Nik, how many months of probation she will get before she can “teach” again?

Her lawyer’s name is Eric, so I doubt she will see prison.- nik

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What The Hell Did Belles Do To Her Face

October 30, 2014 8 Belles, Dallas, The Dirty 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is from 8 Belles Instagram. She’s claiming no filter, but I want to know why her head is shaped like a light bulb now? She looks like an alien.

She un-horsed herself through plastic surgery. I’m ok with it.- nik

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We Need Info On This Babe

October 30, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 18

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, and the dirty army.  Who the hell is this babe?  We need to see the rest of the body and need some info on her.  She is a goddess amongst women if you ask me!

Looks like Jean Watts to me.- nik

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Marty Brown Made Me Cry

October 30, 2014 Cincinnati, Hollywood, The Dirty 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Marty Brown walks on stage for an audition on America’s Got Talent to sing his wife’s favorite Bob Dylan song. Proud of his home state Kentucky he states his true love is music and represents his passion and dreams. Once they hear his great voice and guitar he caused the judges and audience to stand and cheer!

See, not all people from Kentucky are EVIL.- nik

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When You Visit To Odessa

October 29, 2014 The Dirty, Ukraine 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! When you visit to Odessa? Sunny, beach, sexy ladies, good prices! Don’t worry fighting in Donetsk, seven hundred kilometres far. Odessa very safe. This Olga Arkhangelskaya. She very close human Barbie Valeria. Very pretty! No women like heifer or sow as you have in America! In Ukraine all women yest coveted “ITG” we know how make men happy!

Ukraine isn’t on my hit list at the moment.- nik

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